Dark Legion Progress

wip150315aThese two are Hasslefree Jotun models that I have wanted to finish for years. And I do mean years. When I actually started painting them, I found there was way more detail than I was anticipating, so they took longer than I thought. As I was going along, I was not really happy with the way they were looking, far to bright for undead. Even when the ink was going to be applied they looked like they would be too light.

Nothing to do but carry on. When the Army Painter Dark Tone ink was applied it calmed them down a lot and I guess they will do.
These will be used as Praetorian Stalkers in my retro Dark Legion army that is currently in the works. They may not look a great deal like the Prodos models, but they are big and armed with HMG’s, so they work for me!


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