What’s On The Table?

There has been much gnashing of teeth recently as I find there is too much stuff on the painting table. I have several projects on the go and I want to get each finished as quickly as possible.
So the result is that I have a Warzone “Classic” Dark Legion army on the table for Warzone Ressurrection, some old Brotherhood models that are being refreshed,  the Land Train for my Steam Wars projects and lots of other stuff not even shown…

tarkin-i-was-just-talking-to-vader-about-prioritiesThere is an Axis army for Dust, all the Prussian Scrunts and plenty of steampunk artillery.

So I have prioritise some of the stuff and as I am currently getting into Warzone Resurrection, I want to get a “new” army painted, so the Dark Legion will jump to the front of the queue. Joken John is expecting a new force to oppose his Capitol and it would be a shame to disappoint.


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