More Land Train Progress

The main build of the Land Train is finished, when all connected together, it is a long model. I think I did well to resist going for another trailer, that would have been too much.
The engine is finished off with some front mounted weapons and an exhaust system. There is a Battle Dog turret as well that can be mounted on top of the engine. As regular visitors will know, I have used a few magnets to make the weapons interchangeable.
One of the trailer weapons systems is a quad barreled anti-aircraft flak cannon.
On the last trailer, I added a non-standard weapon from the Ramshackle parts catalog. This can be removed if required. I want to source a radar dish or a comms beacon which could be used instead.

tarkin-more-magnets-than-a-death-starGiven the small problems of lining up the towing hitches on the trailers, I thought some small magnets would help, but I was wrong. I needed some large magnets. The 2mm magnets I tried first were just not up too the job, some nice thick 6mm magnets solved the problem and allowed all of the trailers to link together without pulling apart when the Land Train was moved. In fact, these little beauties are so strong, I would not be surprised if they rip out of the resin… landtrainwip10
So there it is, a monster Land Train. It needs a very small amount of filler here and there but otherwise it is ready for undercoating sometime.


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