Land Train Progress

I have been making some progress with the Ramshackle Land Train. The engine section is a very large lump if resin and a liberal amount of superglue was required to stick the sections together.
The trick with the trailers is to make the towing hitches line up so the whole Land Train will link together.
tarkin-so-he-has-a-cunning-plan-ill-bet-i-knowOnce the tracks were on the engine, the tracks can be glued on making sure the towing hitches are at the right height. Easier said than done. Being just 1 millimeter out at the front or back means the trailers do not connect correctly. So using various bits of card to hold the trailers body at the right height and then fixing the tracks to the sides, the point of no return was reached and the glue slapped on.

Anyway, it did not work out and sure enough there was a difference in towing hitch height on one of the trailers. This calls for Plan B.
Once all the tracks are on, the overall look of this beast is quite impressive, and that is before any weaponry has been added. Also, due to the casting, it is not going to require a lot of filler before undercoating.


4 thoughts on “Land Train Progress”

  1. At this rate there’ll be no room on the table for terrain!

    Once Ollie kickstarts his WWI British Scrunts I’ll have to start collecting my response; Sopworth Pups, Tadpoles and Mk1s and 2s.

    Need to think about the artillery, Steampunk or period?


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