Meridian Divers

The last few Meridian Miniatures models from the recent Kickstarter are also finished. I wanted the colour scheme to match the uniformed infantry to a certain extent, I opted for the same blue I used on the infantry to paint the diving suit and added a little red on the cuffs.meridiandiversunit1

This batch included a resin character model which I painted slightly differently.


I also thought I would try using a bit of scenery for a background rather than always just using the plain green.

Not sure if it detracts from the models having something in the background.meridiancharcater2b


2 thoughts on “Meridian Divers”

  1. Those are nice models. I was very tempted by that Kickstarter. That’s a nice colour scheme too.

    Whenever I feel the urge to photograph a miniature in some terrain I try to make sure that I also get some plain images against a neutral background. That way if something isn’t quite clear in the shot with the terrain then the detail can be likely spotted in the other shot.

    It’s nice to have both types of shot if possible I think.

  2. Andrew May has sculpted some really nice models and they paint up nicely. I’m looking forward to his next steampunk Kickstarter.

    I still need to work on my photography a bit to improve the definition, but doing two pictures is easy enough.

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