Meridian Engineers

A few weeks ago, I received a pack of extra bits and pieces from Andrew May of Meridian Miniatures.
tarkin-dont-think-much-of-the-ropeWhat I was after was some particular models to make a few engineers to crew the various artillery pieces that the army will be using. Andrew provided a number of weaponless models that I was then able to modify to hold some crates. These were pretty straight forward customisations and I just had to add crates and some rope handles made of Green Stuff. I would like to see how a pro actually sculpts things so small, I find the Green Stuff so sticky that it makes it very difficult to cut and position even something straight forward like a bit of rope.meridianengineers1 Anyway, the finished article will do and should stand up to a little scrutiny. Now the paint has been slapped on, they look like they fit the part.

The second mini conversion was to replace a rifle with a pistol. This involved cutting down a rifle to make a pistol grip and then sticking on a Hasslefree pistol. First attempt was not very good, but the second attempt, with added Green Stuff to fill a few gaps, worked pretty well.
Using some resin crates and spare Meridian weapons and accessories, some extra bits of scenery were made for use as either objectives or artillery supplies.
So below shows the artillery crew with a couple of recently rescued Thudd Guns from the Loft Full Of Lead.

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