Refreshed Ogryns

oldogryns1This is one of the quicker mini projects on the go. I found these old Ogryns in Loft Full Of Lead and thought they would well as a unit in the Prussian Scrunt army. They just needed rebasing. I wanted to retain most of the original paint job on these models so just touched up a bit here and there.

So after a new 40mm base and a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone ink, the finished unit comes up quite nicely.

Apart from repainting the boots, mainly because I had to after painting the bases, not much else was done.
I really wanted to keep the old paint job on these models, they must have been painted 25 years ago or so. I don’t even know what colour was used for the skin, it certainly is not Bronzed Flesh, my usual choice, this was much darker which made touching it up a bit tricky.
My favourite is the squad leader, mainly because I like the Coke can in his grenade belt.

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