Land Train Kickstarters Delivers

Yet another Kickstarter delivered today, the Ramshackle Games Minimus Squat’s Bounty Hunter Crew which mainly consists of a large Land Train. This Kickstarter delivered right on time.
I added an extra transport carriage and some extra weapon options. Ramshackle Games also included loads of options for the land train engine section including, a turret, sponsons, a dozer blade and side armour. As I did with the Battle Dog and Pug models last year, I will use a few magnets to make this as variable as possible.
There is a lot of it and I think it will take a while to clean up, wash and build. When the whole thing is put together, it should look quite impressive.
I am very pleased with this Kickstarter, just as I was with the Battle Dog and Pug project last year. I will keep a look out for what Curtis will do next.

So as of today, I have one Kickstarter to be delivered and that one is eight months late.


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