Dwarf Air Cavalry

These Confrontation Tir-Na-Bor Dwarf figures have been in the Loft Full Of Lead for a while and I had always planned to one day get them painted for Confrontation. However, more recently with all the steampunk stuff happening here, I thought some of the Confrontation models would work really well with the Prussian Scrunts. Sort of.

So I present the Zwerg Luft Kavallerie. Heavily armoured jet pack assault troops with steam powered Energiefaust.
From a model style point of view, these dwarf models have large heads which match up quite well with Bob Olley’s Scrunts.
I had two sets of the Confrontation models, so I removed the bases from some and stuck them on wire to look like they are jumping into combat.
There are more Confrontation models coming soon!


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