Lead Rot Legionnaires

After putting together the Pretorian Behemoth, I thought I should start on some of the cheap troops. I had a bunch of the original Undead Legionnaires from about 1990 sometime and some others I had picked up off eBay within the last 10 years or so.

Some of the really old models have begun to disintegrate at the merciless hands of Lead Rot. These are the first models in my collection to succumb to this blight. I have read about quite a bit over the years and wondered what it actually looks like. Well unfortunately I now know.
There is a close up below which shows the powdery breakdown of the lead. Some can be filed or scraped off and you do end up with black fingers after handling these for a while.
On the plus side, these are Undead Legionnaires, so if they look a bit more decomposed than normal, it is no great loss. With luck, once they are undercoated, the rot should at least slow down.

Most of the other models are not dissolving so there will still be plenty of cheap cannon fodder to throw at the enemy.


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