Meridian Beastie Arrives

Continuing the recent theme of Kickstarter projects getting delivered, earlier this week, the Meridian Interdimensial Creatures Kickstarter arrived (I would have mentioned it, but the seven dwarfs were in full swing).

This is just a lovely tentacled knightmare of a monster. The cast is just amazing with lots of weird and whacky detail. It is quite large, I will have to get a picture of it alongside some normal sized models.
Also included were a clutch of three eggs and three larvae.
To combat the creatures are two steampunk heroes, one with a diving helmet and one is the latest in steampunk fashionable headgear.
I also thought that this unit of five speargun armed models would be a great addition to the rest of the Meridian steampunk army.
meridiandivers1Andrew May has done a great job with these models and the Kickstarter delivered right on schedule, something that a lot of larger businesses could do with copying.

meridianlogoThese new models should be on the new Meridian Miniatures web store very soon.


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