Building A Zeppelin

The construction of the Titan Forge Zeppelins continues. Not the easiest models to build. I had to resort to a jug of boiling water to bend some parts into submission.

The Ancient Zeppelin is a large model and should measure about eight inches long when completed. I had to straighten out the tail fins a bit and they will need some filler.

I have the two halves together, one of which seems to look like a demented Dalek…or a giant salt pot.

As I want these models flying high over the gaming table, I am making some much higher flying stands. The Ancestral Zeppelin hull below had a 6mm hole drilled through it to take a more rigid clear perspex flight stand.

Below shows the 6mm tube in place.
I have an idea for a large flight stand, but that will involve some laser cut perspex, in the meantime, I have a temporary solution that I will share in a few days.


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