Too Many Kickstarters

As usual, there are plenty of board game and wargaming Kickstarters around at the moment, no idea how many, but there are lots competing for our hobby cash.
I have been trying to resist but failing miserably with recent Kickstarters. The only good news is that I have completely missed several altogether because I did not even know about them. If I had known about them, I probably would have jumped in.


Basius 2 ended in October 2014, well funded with just over 800 backers. This is basically a molding board to make your own textured bases out of green stuff for models. There were lots of base options covering plenty of themes. Which one would I have gone for? Probably the steampunk variety.


World Of Smog is a steampunk boardgame that looks like fun. I have enjoyed Rivet Wars hugely and am interested in trying some other boardgames as a change from my usual wargames.

This is a CMON Kickstarter and with their recent history of delivery issues and lack of communication I thought I would give it a miss. Had Acardia Quest and the second wave of Rivet Wars turned up by now, I would have added by pennies to the pot.


Oathsworn Miniatures have some really nice looking Sci-Fi Robots funding, but as I jumped in to the Ramshackle Land Train Kickstarter, I decided to pass on this one. I really was not sure what I would use them for, they just look nice…which is a problem in the wargaming hobby, so many nice looking models end up on my painting table but then don’t necessarily get used in a game.


Anvil Industry is another UK based small company producing some great stuff. Their Afterlife Kickstarter ended in October 2014 with nearly 400 backers. This was for a new game, rules, several factions, (unnecessary) dice, counters, the whole lot.

Much as though the figures are very nice, I really don’t need a whole new game system. But by Salute next year, I could be tempted to pick up some individual models like those above…


The Green Alliance from Maxmini also funded in October 2014. This was for a great looking range of WWII American style Orks.

If I was going to resurrect my Cash-hammer 40,000$ Ork army, I could have been tempted, but no.


GTC Studios, the creators of Bushido funded their Rise Of The Kage boardgame on October 2014. I was very tempted by this one as Bushido is a current favourite game.

Luckily for me a friend has pledged into this one so I will get to have a few goes when it delivers.


Andy Foster is one of my favourite sculptors and his Return Of The Monsters Kickstarters funded in September 2014 with over 400 backers.

I have always fancied getting my hands on the massive winged Netherlord, but really, what would I use it for? I resisted.


Wolsung is another of the steampunk games that caught my eye, some great looking miniatures and excellent building options. This funded in July 2014 with nearly 500 backers. I do feel this was quite an expensive project to back so I resisted.

Another friend has pitched into this one, so I will get a go at the game at some time. I will see what I can proxy in for this game.


Regular readers will know that I really like Dust Warfare and so may be surprised to learn that I did not back the Dust Kickstarter.

As I already have a large Allied force and pretty much most of the Axis that I could use, there was no need for me to want to get any more or either force. Could have been tempted with the SSU, but as my Axis army is unpainted, I really didn’t need another unpainted army lying around.

I have manager to pick up a few cheap walkers from eBay and will have to make my own version of the Mickey ARV (above) and the Recon Mickey.


Quite a few of those listed above ended in October and November 2014 and would have put quite a dent in my credit card. I still managed to back several in that period anyway but it could have been so much worse.


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