What’s On The Table?

Over the last few days, I have been working on the Titan Forge Zeppelins for the steampunk Prussian army that is taking shape very nicely.

These things do need quite a bit of work to get the two halves of the balloon section to go together, in fact the easiest way seems to be to totaly remove what is meant to be the locating ring as it is just in the way – I have marked it in red on one of the sections in the picture below.
The other bits are okay, the engine mechanism and the pilot go together well enough, but I am considering leaving off the pilot and replacing him with something else.
The flying bases that these models come with are also only a couple of inches high, I want these models up much higher so I am making a prototype flying base with 6mm clear plastic/perspex rod. This will mean drilling a 6mm hole in the zeppelins so I had better get it right first time…


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