Dust Warfare Battle

dustlogoHad a 600 AP per side game of Dust Warfare yesterday, an opportunity to use some of the high points value models that rarely come out. For the Allies, this was the first use of Sergeant Victory. At 45 AP and the fact that he is a loner, I have not used him before in our usual 300 AP games.

Mr Steinburg of Steinberg Shed Space bought a Zombie and Gorilla horde supported by some heavy armour to attack the Allied airfield.

It was going to be a big game!


I also had the chance to field some newly painted units, the Honey, armed with its twin Phasers, the Six Shooter, armed with its…er…six shooter and a unit of Marines.


Well, the Honey did not last long, one shot from the Konigsluther and he was toast. The Six Shooter did well taking down a couple of light Axis walkers quite quickly.


Axis Zombies and Gorilla units were charging across the battlefield with hero support in the shape of Marcus and Grenadier X. It took huge amounts of Allied firepower to reduce the Axis unit sizes so when the Zombie close combat attacks came against the Allied Punisher, Genadier X was not able to inflict any damage on the massive walking tank.


On the other flank, two waves of Gorillas lead by Marcus tried to assault a very heavily defended Allied position and both waves were defeated.


The Axis did have a long way to go to assault the Allies and the speed of the close combat units effectively left behind their ranged support. Next time the Axis plan will be different…


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