Warzone Imperial


Perhaps the easiest of my old Warzone forces that I have in the Loft Full Of Lead to convert to Warzone Ressurection will be Imperial Corporation.

For basic foot troopers, there are plenty of Imperial Trenchers and Regulars, although Regulars do not appear to be a unit type yet…and there are no Wolfbanes yet in the rules!

trenchers1I also had a number of light vehicles that were used and I can’t actually remember if these were proxy models or just stuff that I made up.

m38d-lippcSome GW Arbites had their badges removed and were used as a close support shotgun squad, The Sterlings.

sterlings1The same went for some Space Marine Scouts, used as Wolfbane scouts I think, shown below with a light Tank Hunter.

m38d-tankkillerPlenty more to rummage through, including somewhere, a Hurricane Walker. It has been pointed out before that I put its feet on backwards, something that I will have to rectify before it makes another appearance.


One thought on “Warzone Imperial”

  1. Hi mate I just came across this post – I don’t know if you’ll see this, but in case you do, I don’t suppose you’d be interested in selling those trenchers and hurricane walker would you? Do message me at james.dyson241@hotmail.com if you’d be interested. Thanks!

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