New Stuff

After my visit to Derby / Donington Wargames Show, I have come back with more stuff than I originally intended, but that is normal really after any visit to wargames show, they have ways of sucking money out of you.

medium-steam-tankI had previously ordered a few steam tanks from Ironclad Miniatures which I collected on the day. I collected two steam tanks and an armoured car for my Imperial army. These are really nice vehicles that don’t need any cleaning up before they can be undercoated. I think a grey undercoat and some quick drybrushing will get them ready for action in no time, just need a dry day to undercoat.

tunnelingmachineFor one of the Steampunk armies, either the Meridian Imperial or the Prussian Scrunts, not decided which yet, this devious tunneling machine will allow a close combat squad to infiltrate enemy positions and cause havoc. At least that is the plan. This is a three part model and is an excellent cast.

Many years ago, back in about 1997 I played a lot of Warzone and did so for many years. It had taken over from Warhammer 40,000$ and my fellow gamers and I invested in several forces. So when Target Games went kaput, I was somewhat miffed.

But it is back.

Warzone Resurrection was Kickstarted by Prodos Games in November 2013.
The book is very well put together with plenty of background and army lists for all forces except the Imperial (which can be downloaded for free from the Prodos Games website).

I was keen to get the book and see how my existing collection could be dusted off and dropped back on to the gaming table. Having Capitol, Imperial, Brotherhood and a pile of unpainted Dark Legion, I have plenty of reasons to get back into this game.

So apart from that, I can’t believe that I only bought four miniatures, just a few steampunk characters from Lead Adventure models.


4 thoughts on “New Stuff”

  1. I happen to be reading Warzone Resurrection this very evening… Borrowed from a mutual friend. Looks like you may have a few possible opponents! Just need to figure out what I have to fit the forces.

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