Prussian Army Plans

Now that Bob Olley’s Prussian Kickstarter has been funded, I now have a pretty good idea of how the Prussian and Imperial steampunk forces will look like. The Imperial force will be based on the Meridian infantry figures from a previous Kickstarter by Andrew May.

First up, the Prussian Army.

As mentioned in previous posts, the Prussian Scrunts will be mostly infantry with rifles.

There are then three other recent Kickstarters that have offered up suitable models for support assets.
1. Curious Contructs Support Weapons
2. Titan-Forge Zeppelins
3. Ramshackles StugPug

The options I will go for from Rob’s Curious Contructs are suited to the Prussian style…

The Curious Contructs Vergeltungswaffe Kirschkern Maikäfer Terror Weapon…

The Curious Contructs Nebelwerfer Rocket Mortar…

For airpower, there are the Zeppelins from Titan-Forge. I really should have bought more of these and not gone for the foot soldiers…ah well…

Just add a squadron of three StugPug tanks from the Kickstarter run by Ramshackle Games and it is done…


As you can see, I have undercoated the Battle Dog and StugPug models ready for whatever I am going to do them next…


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