Rivet Wars Gameplay

I have had a few goes of Rivet Wars now and it is a nice simple yet challenging game. It is very much a scenario driven game with a set number of victory points to achieve to determine who wins. Each player turn, the Allies and the Blight have a number of deployment points to use to pick what to call up from the reserves. Infantry are key as only they can hold objectives. So it ends up with wave after wave of troops being called up to try to take and hold objectives. As units get killed off, they recycle into the reserves.

There are some Action cards which players can use to spring surprises on the opponents and Secret Mission cards, which seem to be much harder to achieve.


There are several different types of unit, infantry, cavalry, support and tanks (aircraft are coming soon). Most can only take one point of damage, but some of the larger units can take up too four points.

It is a great fun game, not too serious, but a great laugh.

Wave two of the Kickstarter is in the process of being distributed and this include the aircraft of the Battle Of Brighton and loads more ground units, this really will take the games to the next level as biplanes, triplanes and blimps take to the skies.

In the future, there should be more factions, most likely starting with the Ruska.

After that, who knows, the world map has a number of other factions.


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