Frankensteamer MKII

Yet another steam powered contraption from Armorcast. Once again, I cut the molded base off so it could be based to match the rest of the models in the collection. The bucket of resin is getting more and more empty and there are not many left to finish off.


In the center of the models chest was a face of some sort peering out, I never really liked that much so I covered it up with a plastic plate.
The first of the Frankensteamers shown a few weeks back on this site uses a different turret and has a saw blade close combat weapon.

The next stage is to get all the steampunk models together and work out how best to divided them up between two factions. Firstly there is the British Army (using the Meridian infantry) and secondly, there will be the Prussian Army (using the Olleys Armies Kickstarter).


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