Battle Dog In Progress

I have finished putting together the first of the three Battle Dog / Püg tanks from Ramshackle Games. It needed very little trimming really for a kit of this type. The hull and the tracks went together very well.battledogwip1g

With so many weapon options on this model and the option of having either the turreted tank for the turret-less tank hunter, I went over the top with 2mm diameter magnets to have this vehicle as variable as possible. The first magnet was for the main turret weapon.

Once the turret was together, all the weapons had magnets inserted to fit. To line up the magnets, I used a bit of masking tape on the weapon and pressed the weapon into place, this left an indent in the tape which showed exactley where to drill the corresponding hole.

The same process was followed for the hull so all the main guns will fit.battledogwip1e

Here are a few examples of the finished build, first up, the siege gun.battledogwip1d

…and the tank hunter, I think this version will be perfect for the Steampunk Prussian Scrunts from Olleys Armies.battledogwip1c

I think it even works as an infantry support APC armed with just a machine gun.battledogwip1b

Two more to go, maybe completed by Tuesday and ready to undercoat on Wednesday, although I do have a cunning plan for the optional sponsons that may require a bit more work.


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