Carried Away With Magnets

Sergeant Victory is a 45 point model in Dust Warfare, very expensive, so as yet, I have not included him in any army list or tried him out in a game.  An Axis playing friend was kind enough to donate him to my Allied force some time ago, so I really must get him painted and include him in a game.

So as this model can operate at either ground level or flying level, I decided to use some small magnets on the base and the foot of the model to allow him to be easily switched from one mode to the other. Without doing this, the model cannot be used at ground level as the hole in the base is much larger than the lug on the foot, it is only really designed to be used on the flying stand.

I popped out the Dust insert on the underneath of the base and glued a magnet that was large enough to cover the hole.

I then had to cut off the lug the figures foot and then replace it with the smallest magnet I have in my stash.
sergeantvictory2A magnet of the same size as used on the foot was then glued into the top of the flying stand.

The flying stand currently still pushes into the base and unless it gets loose, I don’t see a need to replace the flight stand lug with a magnet.
sergeantvictory3 sergeantvictory4
Simple really, perhaps a bit over the top, but when he is painted up, the magnet should be pretty invisible.


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