Vampire Crew

As previously mentioned, another project I have started is a Vampire crew for Empire Of The Dead. After digging around in the Loft Full Of Lead, I found a number of old models that would fit very nicely into the game.

First up is a Vampire General from Warhammer Fantasy Cash Cow that I painted many years ago. I thought he would work well as the Graf (the leader fro the Vampire crew) in heavy armour.
vampires1These next two GW models were never painted and date from about 1995 I think. Not sure if I will use the male Vampire, but the female model will work well as a consort.
vampires4The three models below are from the Confrontation Dirz range and will do nicely as Thralls armed with crossbows.
vampires2There are also some old wolves that need rebasing and a bit of a touch up.


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