New Dust Stuff

A friend of mine came over from America last week for a very short visit and I took the opportunity to buy some stuff from the Miniature Market and have it shipped to him to bring over. So I bought some Dust figures and a few AT-43 rulebooks that were going very cheap to finish my collection, yes, I still play AT-43 quite a bit.

For the Allies, I bought the USMC Fire Squad (Devil Dogs) and a Light Assault Walker (Wildfire/Honey) to just about complete my Allies. I also bought the new Allies Warfare card set for the amazing price of US$7.00 (more on pricing later).

I also took the opportunity to buy a few Axis units that will allow me to field a 300 point force using these and the other figures I already have from the starter box.

    Schwer-Sturmgrenadiere Command Squad
    Schwer Sturmgrenadiere Ausf. A
    Blutkreuz Korps Kampfaffen Squad
    Blutkreuz Pioniere Squad

I don’t have any of the large Axis vehicles or an aircraft, but this will get me started, I do fancy getting the Prinzluther/Sturmprinz Transport, a Horten HO-347 and some Snipers.

US prices are so much better than UK prices that it is staggering. I know we have a good Sterling to Dollar exchange rate at the moment, but even when it is about GB£1.50 to the Dollar, the US prices are still way better than here.

The Axis Warfare cards were US$7.00 which is GB£4.08 but the best price in the UK I have seen is GB£9.00 which is US$15.43 which even I can work out is more than twice the US price. The price comparisons for the units is just the same with the UK price generally being around Pound for Dollar when the currency conversion rate is around US$1.70 to the Pound.

Take the Axis Gorilla unit for US$9.00 (GB£5.25), the best UK price is £10.79 which is US$18.50.

It is now getting to the stage that I will happily wait for a visitor from the US to bring stuff over for me. I have so much other stuff still to paint, that I am rarely in a hurry to get any new figures. UK prices, VAT and import duty do indeed suck. End of rant, normal service will be resumed tomorrow but reserve the right to rant on something else in the future.


One thought on “New Dust Stuff”

  1. The whole pricing thing does seem to be out of sync. It does not make much sense. Even though we have lived over here for for so long now I still find myself converting to pounds and a lot of game stuff does seem to be a lot cheaper over here. Doesn’t make sense to me, seems like they are inflating the price in the UK. 😦

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