What’s On The Table?

These old Grendel resin cannon have been knocking around for ages. I found these in a bargain box at one the shows a few years ago and bought the lot. After all, you need a good selection of cannon when attacking a castle!
wip020714These are in the process of being block painted ready for an Army Painter Dark Tone ink wash.

I only have one of the really large cannon on the right, so this will be “The Demolisher” with a hard hitting model profile, but very slow to load. Reckon it would be a good idea to have a few scenarios around this cannon, have the attackers trying to transport it to the site of the siege and have the defenders mount an attack to try to disable it.

So maybe the next time we have a large No Quarter siege battle, the forces attacking the castle will have access to some more firepower.
siegeIt has already been the case in the games played that the castle defenders have plenty of defensive weapons, including cannon, volley guns, mortars and rockets. If you look carefully at the top right of the image on the right, you will even see a steam plane!


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