Devout Warriors

Warrior-with-hammer1Here are two Reaper Miniatures that I bought a couple of years ago. These were to be used as a Retinue troops in my Grey Knights army, but as they are not armed with any technological weapons, they can also double up in fantasy games. I love it when that happens, a model that can get used in more than one army or even genre.

I have also started playing Empire Of The Dead and these two models will fit into a Holy Order crew. So that makes about four different games that these guys can get used in.
There are so many great Reaper Miniatures, the biggest trouble I have is the time it takes going through the entire range looking for a bunch of models that I can use in different games and periods. If you do follow the link, just ignore the white “Bones” range of resin Reaper figures as they a rubbish, but fortunately there are metal eqivilants for most if not all of them.


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