Orc Warrior

By far some of the best Orc models ever released were those by Rackham for Confrontation. I still have a few to finish painting, including the massive warlord model Shaka Morkhai.

I think I have most of the models released for both the standard Orcs and the Tribe of the Behemoth. Some of the Behemoth models had the most insane detail including strings of sausages, plucked chickens and various other foods and cooking implements. These were either a pain to paint or a pleasure, depending on how much there was to do…
This model is a basic Orc warrior and one of many. We still play Confrontation now and then and it still rates as one of my favourite games. One reason I built up a large selection of the these Orc models was to create an Orc warband for my No Quarter games.


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