Killer Corn On The Cob

It does look a bit like a giant killer corn on the cob, but I wanted something quite bright for the tabletop.
These were painted with four main colours and then a few detail bits were added, especially the oozing pores on the sides of the pod.
I need a name for these bad boys, Killer Korn seems appropriate enough.

The largest of the Killer Korn stands way over the height of a 28mm model. Then there are three other bases of smaller Korns with multiple pods on each.

It is time that some No Limits game rules were written for these and some of the other plant life and terrain elements. This will include the Rackham giant crystals, some small Snapdragon alien plants and anything esle I can find in the Loft Full Of Lead.alienplant1

Next up are a couple of giant killer clam plants, honest. These are again Armorcast models. Some fine painted examples of which can be seen here on Sho3box’s blog.


One thought on “Killer Corn On The Cob”

  1. They DO look like huge corn cobs! 😀 I would never have spotted that unless they were painted yellow. Time for a space mutant corn farmer model perhaps?

    I really like this Armorcast set. The pieces are very large and chunky and have a real presence on the table, along with looking entertainingly B-movie.

    Thanks for the shout out.

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